Becoming an Architect

I decided to continue on with this metaphor because I believe it can take a range of different angles and it will allow me to incorporate many elements. Here are my first few thoughts on this metaphor. I expect the metaphor to become increasingly complex as the days go on and I am able to think about it more deeply and build onto the idea. So if the teacher were an architect, this would demonstrate a more student-centered approach in my opinion because in this light, the teacher would be the planner, not the executor. The architect (teacher) makes plans for the final product, but the construction workers (a.k.a the students are the ones who execute the plan and essentially create the final product. The final product or building would represent the deep and meaningful learning that we hope the children will acquire in the process of construction. And well, although this part of my metaphor I don’t feel is complete right yet, architecture these days is all about various types of technology; 3D simulations, models, graphs, online communication, design software and much more. I would link this to the Scardamalia and Bereiter article which described “computer-supported intentional learning”. This article specifically mentions and discusses knowledge BUILDING, which is essentially what this metaphor represents. It is described as a “collective product” and a progressive process; much like the construction of a majestic piece of architecture.


Scardamalia, M., & Bereiter, C. (1994). Computer support for knowledge-building communities. The Journal of the Learning Sciences, 3(3), 265-283.


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