The Job of an Architect

I figured that if I am to use the metaphor of architecture, I should get more informed about what this job entails. The very first sentence on this website “”  describes being an architect as a “fascinating, tough, inspirational, creative, innovative and future-shaping career”. Now…doesn’t that remind you of a certain other career path? Teaching! This description, to me, is exactly like teaching.  As described in the previous post, I imagine the building/infrastructure being designed/built as knowledge and the tools being used are like technological tools in the classroom. The site also describes how an architect must work along side other professionals (e.g construction professionals, including surveyors and engineers, producing drawings and specifications). This is exactly how teachers need to approach the integration of technology in the classroom. As mentioned in previous class discussions (on Moodle), there are very few of us who are entirely comfortable with technology, therefore it is important to accept help from others who may have more experience with it. There is a long list of responsibilities associated with the job of an architect.So many of those responsibilities relate to teachers who are trying to integrate technology in their classroom. For instance, like teachers, architects must “project manage and help to coordinate the work of contractors”, “carry out regular site visits to check on progress and ensure that the project is running on time”, “resolve problems and issues that arise during construction” to name a few. Now that I have went a bit deeper in terms of architecture as a career, my next post will focus on another aspect of the metaphor!


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