Tools to design, build and create.

Engineer, architect or contractor plans and tools

engineer, architect or contractor plans and tools laid out on a wooden table

The architect is essentially a designer of buildings. A teacher, is a designer of learning environments and learning opportunities. The tools of the architect are not that different from the tools we as teachers use. Many of those tools utilize technology in some way, and many are traditional. Tradition tools that architects use include rulers, paper, pens, pencils, and manuals. However, architects today use a variety of technologies to do their work, in order for their designs to be more visual and realistic. They may use computers, calculators, simulators, smart phones and various types of software used for 3D or computerized design ( This types of traditional and technological tools are really not any different from what a teacher could use in his/her classroom.

What technology has done for the architect is make his/her job quicker, more efficient, more visual, and more interactive. The same goes for the teacher, integrating technology appropriately can help a teacher become more organized, more visual, more efficient (therefore quicker), and make planned activities more interactive.

*I’d like to point out that this post focuses on how technology can be used for the good of the teacher or architect, in further posts, I will explore how technology can be applied to suit the needs of the students or construction workers. *



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