Building knowledge is endless, but building a metaphor is not.

As this metaphor comes to a close, I`d like to summarize previous posts and the metaphor itself. I chose to see a teacher as a metaphorical architect primarily because an architect is a planner and not the doer. The final product of construction (built by the students/construction team) would be the meaningful knowledge. The technological tools used…are the technological tools used. This metaphor links closely to the concept of knowledge building (Scardamalia & Bereiter). An architect’s job also requires a great deal of team work, specialists of various types must come together to create a masterpiece. In a classroom, a teacher hopes that their students work cooperatively and build on each other’s strengths in order to create…well a masterpiece. Another similarity between architectural work and teaching is the planning, effort, structure is entails. Classroom management is an art that requires a great deal of the elements mentioned above.

When pushing the metaphor further, I looked into the duality between teacher-centered and student-centered. Architects use technological tools similarly to teachers; for organization,visuals and efficiency among other uses. The student-centered aspect of the metaphor lies in the fact that construction workers are actually making/building the product, the architect only has a hand in the planning. A teacher’s job is to set-up learning opportunities that the students can then excute, build/make meaningful.

And there you have it, a beautiful imperfect metaphor for teaching in a teachnology mediated environment!



2 thoughts on “Building knowledge is endless, but building a metaphor is not.

  1. I really enjoyed seeing your development as your ideas progressed. I think your metaphor works very well with the role of a teacher, because ultimately, it is up to the students/builders to execute the plan. Even with the right tools, designs, and instructions, if motivation and hard work are not present, “the sturdiest buildings fall”.


  2. One of my favourite parts of your metaphor is the balance you have between teacher centred and student centred. That is one thing my metaphor was missing! The architect thing in general is super cool to me just because of all of the different possibilities the buildings could be, resembles my canvas metaphor in that way! Well Done!!


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